Michelada – Mexican Beer Cocktail

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In the heat of the summer, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing, cold michelada.  A michelada is a flavorful, refreshing beer cocktail served ice cold and prepared to your liking – whether that’s citrusy, spicy, or saucy.

Who says you can’t enjoy life while on Weight Watchers?

When I launched Grub Delite, I promised to remake my old  recipes to make them more WW-compliant. Since I just got back from a week-long vacation, I opted for the easiest remake I could possibly do. My MMMMMMMMMichelada recipe from 2012 is so simple, it’s almost silly for me to remake it. But I managed to slim it down a tad by using a light beer instead of a regular Mexican lager like I did in the original.

Michelada roughly translates to “my cold beer,” and the “my” indicates that it’s your style. Because there are tons of variations of micheladas out there, I will also share another version this week. Michelada – two ways! And both versions are each only 3 points. Salud to that!

Original Michelada Remake:

By Rachel Ingersol

Prep Time: 5 minutes Yields: 1 serving, WW = 3 Freestyle Points


1 bottle or can of light beer, 12 ounces

Tajin seasoning (found in the produce aisle near the fruit or in ethnic markets)

½ a large lime

4 dashes Mexican Maggi sauce (can substitute with soy sauce)

3 dashes hot sauce


1)      Rim a cold pint glass first using the lime, then rim glass with the Tajin seasoning.

2)      Squeeze the lime juice into the bottom of the glass.

3)      Add the Maggi sauce and hot sauce and mix well.

4)      Pour the beer in and enjoy!

Ingredients for a michelada

A michelada, ready to drink!


The second version is what I always drink with my girl, Rachael. And it’s even stupid-easier to make than the previous one. Rachael only likes the Tajin rim and lime juice in the beer.

michelada, Mexican beer cocktail
Rub lime wedge over rim of glass
michelada, Mexican beer cocktail
Run top of glass through Tajin or chili-salt
michelada, mexican beer cocktail
Add fresh lime juice to glass and pour in beer.


That’s it. Simple and tasty!

mexican beer cocktail, michelada


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