Ingredients for a michelada

Lots of college hoops this weekend.

Today, the #5 ranked Kansas Jayhawks will host the #3 Missouri Tigers at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas at 4:00 pm ET. The last time these two bitter rivals met, the Tigers defeated the ‘Hawks at home in a close match-up with a questionable late-game foul that possibly altered the outcome.

The historic hatred between these schools can be traced back to Civil War times. Confederate groups in Missouri, then a slave state, didn’t want Kansas to be a free state. Violence erupted between the two, earning Kansas the nickname “Bleeding Kansas.” Territorial fighting was perpetrated by both states, but escalated in 1863 when William Quantrill led his Confederate Missourian guerillas, the Bushwhackers,  to pillage Lawrence, Kansas – murdering over 150 men, ransacking and burning the town – known as Quantrill’s raid.

When the University of Kansas chose the name Jayhawkers for their teams, this fueled the rivalry. The Jayhawkers had been the term for the Kansas guerillas that attacked Missouri. Since then, the divisional schools have been infamous and bitter foes though the rivalry is in question. Missouri will be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. Though the Tigers would like to continue to play the Jayhawks, Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Self has said it won’t happen. KU is pretty ticked that Missouri chose to leave the conference.

For today’s border-showdown, let’s look to a popular drink found south of the border – the michelada. Also known as a cerveza preperada, the michelada can come in many forms and depending on how it’s assembled, can be many colors. Some prefer a red michelada, made with Clamato. Other simply use lime juice and a seasoned rim. I prefer mine with a few ingredients, that almost make the beer appear muddied.

Mi Michelada

By Rachel Ingersol

Prep Time: 5 minutes Yields: 1 serving


1 bottle of Mexican beer

Tajin seasoning (found in the produce aisle near the fruit or in ethnic markets)

½ a large lime

4 dashes Mexican Maggi sauce (can substitute with soy sauce)

3 dashes hot sauce


1)      Rim a cold pint glass first using the lime, then the Tajin seasoning.

2)      Squeeze the lime juice into the bottom of the glass.

3)      Add the Maggi sauce and hot sauce and mix well.

4)      Pour the beer in and enjoy!

A michelada, ready to drink!

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